Branching Out

Above: In-print excerpts of my illustrations. Love how Owlkids turned my leaf silhouettes into a pattern!

I teamed up with Owlkids to illustrate Branching Out, a book on trees around the world! It’s incredible how beautiful and diverse trees can be in size, form and capabilities. I had great fun creating the various silhouettes of trees and leaves. Art direction by Jessica Burgess. | Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Above: A cross-section of a tree trunk and icons used throughout the book.

Above: All the tree silhouettes. Each one is unique and beautiful!

Above: All the leaves for the trees.

Above: Another in-print excerpt of my illustrations throughout the book.

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Best Health Magazine: September 2014

Another stretch illustration for Best Health magazine! This one is done while lying down with arms extended and legs turned to either side. Full article below. Art direction by Stephanie Han. | Adobe Illustrator

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Best Health Magazine: Summer 2014

This stretch for the summer 2014 issue of Best Health is named the Wide Leg Hero stretch. A yoga inspired stretch, it’s both relaxing and energizing at the same time. Below is the full article on the stretch. Art direction by Stephanie Han. | Adobe Illustrator

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Spring / Summer 2014 Patterns

In May 2013, I created a series of patterns for Bezier Design Studio. Now that these patterns have shipped to stores and appear across an assortment of ladies apparel, I’m excited to finally be able to post them! Seeing all these fun and vibrant patterns definitely puts me in a good mood. Who doesn’t love some summer florals and palms? | Adobe Illustrator

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Teknion: Clubtalk

The fine folks at Teknion have collaborated with me again, this time on info graphics for Clubtalk, their new cross-platform sharing device. It’s part table, cart and TV screen, and facilitates content sharing across multiple devices with a user-friendly flow.

I created ten illustrations showing its versatility from home to office use. This nifty device can share vacation photos, play video games, hold conference meetings or host a Youtube dance party! | Adobe Illustrator

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Best Health Magazine: March / April 2014

Another stretch illustration for Best Health magazine March / April 2014 issue. This stretch can be done sitting down which is always handy if you work a desk job! Art direction by Stephanie Han. | Adobe Illustrator

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Canadian Screen Awards 2014

In March, I had the pleasure of live sketching guests at the 2014 Canadian Screen AwardsThis award took place at the Sony Centre in downtown Toronto and celebrates talent in the Canadian film and TV industry. It was my most glamorous event yet! The night was filled with stylish guests, red carpet everywhere, and the most creative, delicious assortment of finger foods ever. I even sat in the auditorium to watch the ceremony live between sketching, a first for me!

I sketched alongside Toronto fashion blogger Danielle Meder again which is always nice as she’s a constant source of inspiration for me. The event was organized slightly differently than my previous sketching gigs. Rather than me being a one woman army in sketching and interacting with guests, this time there were volunteers to find out names of subjects, gather and deliver sketches. It was certainly nice to have some help!

A particular highlight was when I found myself next to a very exclusive looking velvet rope area. Five minutes later, Viggo Mortensen appeared! I thought it would be so awesome if I got a sketch of him and maybe a quick meet and greet. But because he was constantly surrounded by media, my view was rather obstructed and I didn’t get a decent sketch. I didn’t want to meet him with a less-than-stellar sketch, so hopefully next time!

Thanks to Amy Dennis for inviting to be a part of this fantastic night! Photos from the event below:

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