Welcome to the blog of Wendy Ding, an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Wendy is a 2008 BAA: Illustration graduate from Sheridan Institute. Her work is inspired by fashion, music and patterns among others. To see Wendy’s portfolio, visit her official website.

Born in China, Wendy was no stranger to whimsical cartoons, stickers and endless picture books growing up. A brief stay in the UK just before her teens introduced her to Barbie and the western world. Her inspiration comes from music, fashion, pin-up girls, and food. 80′s and late 90′s pop music (boybands, anyone?) will always have a special place in her heart. Some of Wendy’s idols are Josephine Baker, Cyd Charisse and Michael Jackson.

On any given day, Wendy can be found enjoying tea, dancing, watching nature / animal videos, and going for walks. Wendy hopes to one day open her own amusement park “Wendyland” with a pair of red-stilettoed pin-up legs as the centre piece.

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    I'm a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. This is where I post artwork, progress work, events I attend and more.

    Here is my official portfolio and bio. Feel free to get in touch for questions, comments or to discuss a project!

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