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Lana Del Rey

Whenever I listen to Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” album, my mind is painted over with the retro imagery and tense mood evoked in her lyrics. The themes are sweet with a dark undertone and her life sounds like a constant struggle between romance and danger. This presented a fun artistic challenge as my [...]
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Lana Del Rey: Background Progress

More progress on my Lana Del Rey illustration! I’ve been having fun making a pattern background using elements and motifs from her “Born To Die” album. Can you guess the lyrical reference for each item? Above: The pattern within the broken heart. I may tweak it further for the final; time will tell. Above: Close [...]
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Print Giveaway: Sad Songstress

***UPDATE:*** The winners for the print giveaway have been chosen! The correct answer to who this sad songstress is…*drumroll*…Lana Del Rey! I’ll be in touch with the winners when the illustration is completed. **I’m giving away prints of this completed illustration to the FIRST FIVE people who correctly guess this mystery songstress! To find out [...]
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MGMT Progress 6

More progress on my MGMT illustration! I added details, textures, patterns and psychedelic colours to keep in line with their vibe. I hear they have a new album coming out this fall! The stars are aligning.
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MGMT Progress 5

Here’s a mosaic of progress on my latest MGMT illustration. Excited to add textures next!
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MGMT Progress 4

Mystery band revealed: if you guessed MGMT, you’re right! As if the headband and shaggy hair weren’t obvious give aways… I started developing the stylistic and colour direction while being looser with my painting than usual. Each band member will be portrayed in a key colour while looking dewy and vibrant. The main idea is [...]
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New Music Illustration: Progress 3

So, have you figured out who this mystery band is from my first and second progress shots? Either way, it won’t be a mystery much longer since all band members are now present. I’m excited to see it come along! As it’s still a work in progress, I’ll be tweaking the likeness of each band [...]
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