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November Life Drawings

Yay more life drawings! This time it was hosted by talented Toronto illustrator Kagan McLeod, he has some seriously awesome work on his site. Twas a great evening spent among other Sheridan illustrators. Looking forward to more!
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Life Drawing Sketches

This is the first time I’ve attended a studio life drawing session in three years! Ever since school finished, my life drawing has been more or less on the back burner with the occasional cafe sketching. It felt wonderful to get my hands dirty with conté again! Definitely will try to go more often.
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Cafe Sketching

It’s been awhile since I did cafe sketching (or sadly, any kind of sketching) so I thought I’d brush up on it. Needless to say it made for a fun Friday night with a group of animator / illustrator friends!
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Subway Sketching

Over the weekend, I joined my friend Peter Chan for some subway sketching. It was nice to get back into life sketching as I haven’t done it in so long. Join us! The subway sketch group happens every Sunday on the TTC and everyone is welcome. Check out the official site for details.
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Life drawing study of female anatomy.
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