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Branching Out

Above: In-print excerpts of my illustrations. Love how Owlkids turned my leaf silhouettes into a pattern! I teamed up with Owlkids to illustrate Branching Out, a book on trees around the world! It’s incredible how beautiful and diverse trees can be in size, form and capabilities. I had great fun creating the various silhouettes of [...]
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Polly Pocket Dress-Up Game

School scene: a regular school outfit and a preppy version. Play the game to see all outfits in action. I recently worked with Toronto agency Visible Media in illustrating outfits for a Polly Pocket dress-up game. This was a dream project as I love nothing more than drawing cute clothing and accessories, and doing so [...]
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Photos: TCAF 2011

It was a blast drawing for kids at TCAF this past Sunday! I was a guest illustrator on behalf of Owlkids and one can never predict the wonderfully wacky ideas kids want to see on paper. It was a delight drawing flying pies, dragons with aliens and puppies with wings. Gotta say, it doesn’t get [...]
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TCAF 2011

TCAF is back! I always enjoy going to this annual Toronto fest as it never fails to deliver top notch comic creators and eclectic artists. I’m making a return as on-site illustrator at the Owl Kids table upstairs near the kids section. Come see me Sunday May 8 between noon and 1pm for a FREE [...]
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Summer Bingo Game

Summer’s here, yay! These are summer-themed illustrations for a bingo game in ChickaDEE magazine June 2010 issue. I can totally see a youngster who’s bored on a road trip trying to spot all these things and filling out the grid. Thanks to Trinh, my art director on gettin’ these done, they were a joy to [...]
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Hockey Illustrations

Happy new year! Oh what a year 2009 has been, I can only dream of what 2010 will bring… These are illustrations for ChickaDEE magazine Jan / Feb ’10 issue. I created four hockey-related characters for a quiz titled “What’s Your Hockey Job?” I took the quiz and got the Coach. Hooray!
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Pardon me for this rather late post but better late than never! These are illustrations for ChickaDEE magazine November ’09 issue. It accompanies an article / guessing game about Africa and the materials used to build various dwellings. I really enjoyed working in a loose sketchy fashion, glad I got the chance to work on [...]
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