FAT 2015

Top photo: the main backdrop in the lounge. Bottom left: Connor McCalden runway show. Bottom right: Maya Charbin runway show.

Hello world! Sorry for not posting (again) in a long time. Lets continue where I last left off, in 2015 at FAT where I was invited to sketch the looks at several runway shows. What a whirlwind week of amazing Canadian talent! I sketched at the shows of Starkers Corsets, Lazar Couture, House of Etiquette (fun fact: I worked with lead designer Ashley at a contract job in 2011 / 2012), Dystropolis, Evan Bidell, Vandal Goods, Sandra Al-Dabbagh, Maya Charbin, Garvacia, and With Love Lingerie. All sketches done with brush pen. Check out highlights below!

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Toronto Fashion Week FW15: My 3 Fave Looks

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile. I took 2015 off from updating my blog and am back now. How have you all been? I have much to update you on and let’s pick things up where we left off.

In March 2015, I was invited to attend World Mastercard Fashion Week (aka Toronto Fashion Week) to view looks from Fall / Winter 2015. Since I started a personal tradition of illustrating my favourite looks, here are my three faves chosen from the sea of talented Canadian designers:

Look 1: Hayley Elsaesser (photo by Style Empire)

What’s not to love about this bright and colourful look? She did a great job capturing pop art-esque prints and a burst of bubbly energy embodied in ready to wear. Detail below:

Look 2: Mackage (photo by It’s All Style to Me)

I’ve been a long time fan of Montreal-based Mackage and am a proud owner of their Dale coat in black. They bring an edgy look to outerwear and this coat with fur sleeves is next-level luxurious. Talk about a statement jacket! Detail below:

Look 3: Mikhael Kale (photo by The Globe and Mail)

This lovely pink dress with textured embellishments and circular cut-outs really caught my eye. It’s sure to be a head turner at any event! Detail below:

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Tilt Holiday Party 2014

Above: my sketches were strung up for guests to enjoy throughout the night.

My last sketching gig of 2014! I was invited by Tilt (start-up company of a crowd-funding payment app) to sketch at their holiday party. It was a fun night as the guests frolicked and enjoyed finger foods and drinks while I captured them in the moment. A fun and festive way to start the holiday season! Many thanks to blogger Lisa Ng for the referral. | Brush pen

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Best Health: November / December 2014

A new stretching exercise I illustrated for Best Health magazine. This stretch is done with legs extended and apart, one hand near the ankle and the other reaching for the sky. I often do this after a workout or during yoga, it’s a good one! Art direction: Stephanie Han | Adobe Illustrator

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The Mouse

Above: a private commission of Kristy in a pin-up style. Created as a Christmas gift from her sweet hubby.

Happy 2015! 2014 was a great year that ended even better when a client purchased several of my Food Girls prints. Back in 2009 / 2010 when I did exhibitions and shows regularly with the series, I had some high quality giclee prints made but NONE sold no matter how hard I tried. So they sat in my portfolio case since then til recently when four of them found new homes. I guess good things do come to those who wait!

It didn’t end there as this client also commissioned me to create a poster-size illustration of his wife in my pin-up girl style. It was his Christmas gift to her and he wanted it to look like a vintage cigarette ad complete with her nickname, “The Mouse” (named for her petite stature.) For the background, he wanted muted blues and greys in a hotel room setting. I added a geometric pattern to the duvet and stars in the sky for visual interest. Detailed close-ups below.

Above: Details of the illustration. I had fun creating my first pin-up in years!

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Angel Ball 2014

Above: Danielle Meder sketching guests.

On October 18, 2014, I had the pleasure of sketching guests at St. Michael Hospital’s Angel Ball fund raising gala. Taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, it was the first time I sketched alongside six other artists! It’s nice to see that live sketching is a growing trend. I had fun capturing elegant guests and hanging out with Danielle Meder, Octavio Contreras, Lisa Nishimura, Stephanie McKay, Alexander Barattin and Jocelyn Teng. What a talented group! We even took a selfie together after!

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Best Health Magazine: October 2014

A new stretch illustration for Best Health magazine! This one is done against the wall with each leg alternating in swinging motion. Full article below. Art direction by Stephanie Han. | Adobe Illustrator

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